diary entry 1

(care of abc soap.com) Dear Diary, this seemed like a good idea at the time, but maybe I've taken things too far.It's a good thing jason has all his high powered connections or I might rot in this hellhole for the rest of my life. To tell you the truth, I'm getting sick & tired of dragging this pillow around and I want Michael in my arms again. I know Jason's taking good care of him though. I hope little miss goody two shoes doesn"t rub off on my baby too much. If Robin thinks she'll be a part of Michaels life she is sorely mistaken. I wonder what else is going on back there. Too bad about Brenda, although she probably would have left Jax when he lost his money anyway. Some people always had it too easy. Like the Quartermaines.They think I'm a bad influence on Michael, but what about Alan?Who knows, maybe they'll wise up and just face him head on. Jeesh, I wich someone would come visit me already.

diary enrty 2

Dear Diary, It was great seeing Jason the other day. I knew he would never let me down. Surprised to hear about the career change. Probably Robins doing. No matter. Jason will get me out of here. He always keeps his word. Glad to hear Lucas is okay. The kid can be a brat sometimes, but its not really his fault. Tony probably planned the whole thing anyway. If anyone should be here it should be him. Wouldn't surprise me if he tried to take Lucas away from Bobbie altogether. Not that she's ever been Mother of the Year, but she is always there for her son and wouldn't turn her back on him like she did me. Whats up with the Hardy boys and the two Nancy Drews? Liz, Lucky,Emily, and Nikolas better watch what they're getting into. Con games can be dangerous. I should know.

oct 7 diary entry 3

dear diary, well,well,well. goodgye penthouse,hello little cottage with a white picket fence. Not if i can help it! Who does Robin think she is anyway?As far as I'm concerned she should just high tail her little butt back to Paris! Mine and my baby's future lies with Jason and she better just accept that fact right now. Hell hath no fury like a Carly scorned! Jason even lied for me the other day. I must really be rubbing off on him. If I can just pull crazy act off a little while longer I know everything will work out. My seret is safe with Jason and soon I'll be back where I belong--with Jason and Michael. I know my future is secue, unlike Alexis. I'd hate to have Helena after my neck . Although I must admit I do like Helenas style. Thers a woman I ccould really look up to

diary entry 4

dear diary, I'm glad Bobbie came to see me, even if she doesnt always say what I want to hear. Robin might not be such a problem after all. I imagine Jason must have hit the roof when he found AJ with Michael! What was Robin thinking leaving Michael alone with AJ anyway? If AJ had any idea that he's Michael's father, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. What's the deal with Stephan and Laura? Luke better come home soon or he just might find Laura happily living at Wyndemere. Now that's the way to live! I'd be wary if I were Laura, though.Personally, I wouldn't trust Stephan as far as I could throw him.

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