diary 5

Dear Diary, If I have to keep this up much longer I really will go crazy crazy from boredom! Cant they at least have a movie night around here? Glad to know Jason is looking out for me, but I dont think a visit with AJ is such a bad idea after all. I wonder how he'll try to play me this time. AJ needs to remember that you shold never try to con a con! I hope Lucky,Liz, and Nikolas can help Emily catch the creep who has been blackmailing her. Emily may be a Quartermaine, but she's still a cool kid. Besides, nobody better mess with the godmother of my baby! Nikolas seems like a good guy too. Is Katherine really getting the hots for him? Wouldn't put it past her just to use Nikolas to get what she wants, whatever that might be.

diary entry 6

Dear Diary, Why can't AJ just leave me alone and mind his own business? Jason gave me his word that he would get me out of here and I know he will make it happen. He has to! Robin is getting too close with Michael and I don't want him to forget who his mother is. Jason wouldn't let that happen, would he? Sometimes I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe I'm starting to fit in around here a little too well. Thank goodness Nikolas and Lucky were able to rescue Liz and Emily from that pervert Tom. I hope that sicko rots in jail for the rest of his life!

diary entry 7

Dear Diary Could it really be true?Could I really be getting out of here after all this time?I just know I'll make it out of here, though I'm not so sure what will happen then.Jason made his fellings pretty clear the other day,but is he really ready to spend all that time away from Michael? I'd never use my baby to manipulate Jason, no matter what he might think. If I play my cards right, Jason's love for Michael could end up getting me everything I want. I'm sure I'll be reunited with Jason and Michael soon. They are my real family. Speaking of family, I wonder if Luke will be able to reunite his. Taking Lucky away with him is a good start, but lots of things changed wwhile Luke was away. Luke has his work cut out for him, but I guess I do, too.